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Colors, come together
Like packs of wolves
Or Italians in public spaces
A market, cinema, or a bus
Clustered, clinging, friction
The space, air, is shared
Unconditionally, unconsciously
Howling, buzzing
Rotating around the sun
A bee circling a lily on a pond
Nectar its bliss
Succumbing to union
Birthed to process, pattern, productivity
Time turns the water
An acorn drops and enters
Concentric ripples radiate
Perfectly paced intervals
A turtle dives deep below
A frog winks with his inside joke
More ripples rock his boat
Moss green algae
Dark green lily pads
Tip and waver
In the motion of summer pleasures
In the colors of the afternoon
Paddle your boat to nowhere
It’s a fine everywhere
With romancing colors
Arm in arm

(Linda Saccoccio, 2010)