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Notes from Beverly talk after WTC, 9/11/01

These are notes from a Beverly call after World Trade disaster for our NY A C N group to consider:

I spoke with Beverly yesterday, she has been thinking of us constantly and is sorry to not be more in touch; she’s pretty strung out about WTC herself.

I wanted to see if there was some way of working with ACN and/or Beverly on the issues I was facing as a New Yorker — were there things the process could do to help me deal with my issues — taking subways, losing a job and ... Read More

REEL TALK: A Cinemoir

REEL TALK: A Cinemoir

REEL TALK: A Cinemoir of images, people and ideas


This book for the New Millennium is a genre-bending mélange that includes memoir with film and media history. There isn’t any other book like this one. This book combines the story of my life and my life working in media along with a significant number of films and television programs from all over the world germane to the story. Paperback, 384 pgs., $25.

I am a book lover; I love them so much I have to write... Read More

Friday Night After The Show

It was the way I always wanted New York to be, the way I always envisioned my life here.

Walking down a street after a performance, catching up with a group of dancers and their friends ambling along and being warmly greeted by them and told how much they liked my work.

We continue walking side by side, a group of artists who have just performed different pieces in a group show.

Coming up on the other side of the dance group now are two women dancers from a more experimental... Read More

Interview with Author Spencer Moon and his Biography

Interview with Author Spencer Moon and his Biography


How exciting to see the ACN process come to fruition and bear fruit! Witnessing Spencer Moon read from his autobiography, “Reel Talk: A Cinemoir,” was thrilling! He used the goal setting process and coaching of the artist conference to write his third book. To find out more, read the interview I did with him for my blog, Coffee With Hallelujah, and find additional links to Spencer and his work there! Congratulations Spe... Read More