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Linda Saccoccio: Rotations

Linda Saccoccio: Rotations

Colors, come together
Like packs of wolves
Or Italians in public spaces
A market, cinema, or a bus
Clustered, clinging, friction
The space, air, is shared
Unconditionally, unconsciously
Howling, buzzing
Rotating around the sun
A bee circling a lily on a pond
Nectar its bliss
Succumbing to union
Birthed to process, pattern, productivity
Time turns the water
An acorn drops and enters
Concentric ripples radiat... Read More

The Teacher and the Tattoo by Amirh Bahati

About five nights ago I was talking to two neighborhood young people, a guy and his girlfriend. I hadn’t seen them in a while and they spotted me outside, so we stood in the cold and caught up on things. The conversation soon turned to tattoos – her father had spotted tats that he didn’t know she had. The parents didn’t like it one bit. I told her that her parents, being Jewish, had a completely different take on and experience with tats. She went on to explain that they were from a different er... Read More

Mountain Lake Wedding by Bill Anderson

Something in the warming
Of rock and ice by sun
Speaks to us of love,
Allows our tears to run.

Something in the river’s
Smooth caress of stone
Teaches tenderness
As we lie down together
Bone to bone.

Something in the sunlight
On the waters mirrored face
Reminds us of home,
A pilgrimage, a place.

So too, your quickening breath
As you stand before each other’s eyes
Stirs a breeze in our own hea... Read More

When it happens to you…

When it happens to you the stars will come down
flood down through the top of your head –
their light will fill you up completely.

You will walk vibrating through the dark of a soft summer night
in and out of shadows – past tents strung with lights –
men and women laughing and singing.

You will pass a few people in the dark.
You love them instantly and completely –
star’s light shining on them all.

You will lie wide awake all ni... Read More